UPnP Media Controller software optimised for the Roku Soundbridge

Download Roku.msi

The Roku Soundbridge controller provides:
  • New! A Sidebar Gadget for Windows Vista
  • Yahoo Weather RSS rendering
  • Gmail Atom support (and other HTTPS RSS and Atom feeds)
  • Updates iTunes playcounts on any connected PC.
  • Significantly enhanced COM and .NET interop interfaces wrapping the entire RCP protocol.
  • New! Rewritten RSS news feed to address performance issues.
  • New! ActiveX™ control for hosting in web pages or your projects that displays the Roku screen. (NOTE: this relies on the Roku Data Service).
  • Control of any UPnP compliant media renderer through an icon in Control panel.
  • Detailed management of the Soundbridge Now Playing queue from the Soundbridge property page (right click the device and choose properties).
  • Quick telnet to the device by right clicking with SHIFT held down.
  • A data server for rendering content such as news feeds onto the Soundbridge.

To access the Soundbridge you will see a new icon in control panel. If you double click this a new explorer window will open that lists out any UPnP media renderers. If you double click on these it will open their default web page. If you right click (or SHIFT+right click for extended features) you will be able to manipulate the device.

This product includes Bonjour networking from Apple Computer Inc.

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